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PM Tec Engineering offers services in applied engineering and sciences, in areas such as Plastic Injection, Manufacturing, Simulation and Process Optimization.

With this in mind, PM Tec has focused its efforts in developing and offering specialized technical services for the plastic and manufacturing industries, taking always into account the responsability of generating added value to our client's products. 

In addition, the company provides consulting services in specialized engineering for production processes optimization based on innovative techniques and deep understanding of the fundamental principles which govern the analyzed systems.


We invite you to know some of the opinions of our clients regarding the work carried out with PM Tec Engineering.




We invite you to know some of the opinions of our clients regarding the work carried out with PM Tec Engineering.




PM Tec Engineering´s products add value to the whole production chain.

Thanks to our experience in plastic injection molding, metal cating and computing simulations, PM Tec is direct representative of SIGMASOFT® Virtual Molding in the andean region, as well as MAGMASOFT® in Colombia.

PMTec also develops and builds the proprietary Kern systems, within which sensors, data acquisition, data analysis and management are seamlessly integrated in a compact, easy to use and powerful device. Monitoring and industrial process control for the Industry 4.0 are on your hands with PM Tec and Kern systems.

Last but not least, PM Tec offers the generation of technical articles in order to promote the transfer of technological expertise in the region, as well as to boost high quality technical marketing.


The concept of Industry 4.0 becomes reality in the region with Kern Systems

The magazine Metalmecánica Internacional has published the article Hoja de ruta para transformar tecnológicamente su taller (Roadmap to the technological transformation of your workshop), in which it is evidenced that the industry is moving with a cautious but attentive pace towards the digital manufacturing era, according to a survey between its suscribers in order to know their impressions on 2019's investment panorama. In the article, KERN by PM Tec is highlighted as a solution which " allows us to set down the concept of Industry 4.0 to the production reality of Colombia".

At the end, the purpose of such systems is to get a deep knowledge of the process and shop information to boost competitivity, independently from the technology available.

Success in the TEC DAY Bogotá 2018

The Center of Excelence on Injection Molding, CEI, is commited with the development of the injection molding industry and, by means of seminars and courses, seeks to empower factories with educational tools for boosting efficiency, quality and competitiveness.

CEI's most recent seminar took place in november 14th and the subject was Technical Moulding. Experts from moulding machine manufacturer ENGEL detailed all applications of technical moulding and the benefits of counting always with the proper technology for each process, and Dr. -Ing. Laura Flórez, polymer processing chief at PM Tec, made a presentation about the importance of process monitoring of thermal variables in precision injection molding.

PM Tec in Héroes Fest 2018

PM Tec has been selected as one of the six colombian companies which wil represent the country in the Tech Zone of Héroes Fest 2018,  organised by Innpulsa in Cali between october 10-11.

Héroes Fest is Colombia's most important exhibition on entrepeneurship and innovation and the second biggest in Latin America. PM Tec will share the Tech Zone with companies such as ORACLE, ACCENTURE, KIWI, among others.

PM Tec in ColombiaPlast 2018

PM Tec shared its product and services portfolio in the past ColombiaPlast - Expoempaque 2018, which took place on september 24-28, Corferias Stand 1303 (Halls 11-16), in Bogotá International Fair FIB 2018. As a service provider to the plastics industry, PM Tec shared its stand with Sinemco, local representative of prestigious companies from Injection Moulding Industry such as Engel, SIDE and Kautex. 


PM Tec had the chance to show to existing and potential customers its capabilities and applications related to product design and computational modelling of injection molding processes. In addition, the company had the chance to exhibit its new KERN industrial monitoring system, ready for diverse Industry 4.0 applications for the local industry.

Attached can be found news published in different international media about PM Tec's participation and KERN systems' product launch in ColombiaPlast 2018 exhibit (spanish):

Industry 4.0 by PM Tec: Modelling, Monitoring and Control of processes

​As a complement to PM Tec's capabilities in phenomenological modelling and knowledge in analysis of critical variables for process control, PM Tec has launched its proprietary Industry 4.0 ready KERN systems. With these devices, a complete portfolio of sensors, data acquisition, analysis and management will be available and ready to use with KERN by PM Tec.

KERN by PM Tec devices communicate wirelessly over long distances with low power consumption and optimum signal output, in order to allow for secure and reliable connections and data transfers of valuable industrial information. On the edge of data analysis, PM Tec's experts are ready to create specialized applications for each particular company, in order to generate custom systems to guarantee a quantifiable process optimisation. At the end, the objective is to provide:

  • Increased profit and productivity

  • Minimisation of energy consumption

  • Increase of the Know-How of your business

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