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Modeling for  monitoring and  process control

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If your  main goal  is to optimize the operation of your processes in a robust way, the ideal way to do it is knowing your system in detail. Entrust the in-depth study of your process to the team of experts at PM Tec Engineering  and discover the potential available in your plant to be exploited.

PM Tec Modeling for Optimization

Phenomenologically based semi-physical models

How do we do it?


Based on conservation laws, PM Tec develops phenomenological-based semi-physical models using the methodology proposed by Hoyos et al. (2016), which consists of the following 10 steps

What do we do?

Robust modeling of  processes


PM Tec Engineering can help you understand in detail the dynamic behavior of the processes that occur in your plant through the development of mathematical models based on physical principles, known as Semi-physical Models with a phenomenological base. With these models you will be able to make decisions in real time with knowledge of the repercussions; you will be able to  describe, predict and quantify the effects of the control variables on the performance of their production.

Collaborative control strategies

At PM Tec, specific control strategies are designed and implemented for each particular process. One of them is collaborative control ...

Why modeling?

For process control  industrial

PM Tec Engineering services extend to offering a complete optimization solution in which not only is the process properly modeled, analyzed and monitored, but also the control stage is reached.  You will be able to see and measure the results of the implementation of all this knowledge in the production plant in a quantitative way. 

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