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Smart Production with KERN IoP

Which are your advantages?

Greater effectiveness

Higher productivity and better quality thanks to the monitoring of critical process parameters.


More efficiency

Less waste and shorter downtimes, thanks to data-driven alarms and error detections.


More traceability

Production data is obtained in real time and is followed through the production chain, ensuring quality and detecting possible sources of error. 

Real-time data acquisition and analysis systems specialized for the plastics industry

Get the following information on any device connected to the internet:

  • OEE

  • Parts produced per shift

  • Cycle times

  • Real-time progress of production goals

  • Mold resume data (assembly history, operating cycles)

  • Entry of operator / shift information linked to a process for traceability

  • Peripheral information

  • Specific energy consumption of the process (kWh / kg, kWh / piece, etc.)

  • Drying hours and temperatures of a batch of resin

  • Chiller operating temperature or tempering units 

  • Information on raw material properties integrated into the production batch

Improve the availability of your equipment, increase the performance of your processes and reduce quality problems while reducing your energy consumption

Flexibility in collecting data from your process

Store and analyze detailed information about your process from the following sources:

  • Machine control

  • Specialized sensorics

  • Operator's touch based HMI

  • Barcode / QR Readers

  • RFID systems

  • Direct connection with your company's databases

    • SCADA systems​

    • ERP

    • MES

    • PDM


Do you want to know specific details about KERN IoP? Contact us here:

We will be in touch with you soon!

KERN IoP is the result of decades of experience in optimizing plastic injection processes in Latin America.
Have an injection expert in your plant supervising your production 24 hours a day!

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