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Case studies 

PM Tec Engineering stands out for its scientific vocation applied to innovation and the solution of real problems in the area of injection molding, mold manufacturing and process optimization.

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Small changes result in a big improvement

​The original one component power system of a front fork created problems that were analyzed with MAGMASOFT®. The original design of the front fork power system resulted in several problems that were detected by simulation. The top was filling too fast, and this caused casting defects due to turbulence and a large amount of trapped air. The fill pattern also led to a hot spot and a lower part shrinkage defect. Furthermore, the yield was only around 49%.


75% reduction of material for reprocessing in application for the medical industry

SIGMASOFT® Virtual Molding allows optimizing the use of raw material for stabilization and standardization of the process, reducing the percentage of residual material.

In applications for the medical industry  quality requirements are high  for his  direct relationship  with human health. SIGMASOFT® Virtual Molding allowed in this case to significantly reduce the  material consumed in the samples  prior to production,  by determining the number of test cycles actually required to achieve the required thermal stability.

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Thermal analysis with SIGMASOFT® Virtual Molding Improves warpage and shrinkage predictions 

An industrial example shows how SIGMASOFT® Virtual Molding can be used to improve reliability in warpage and shrinkage predictions.

Since thermal analysis accurately describes  the conditions of the transient thermal boundary, responsible for the thermal stresses induced in the parts  molded, it is possible to reproduce exactly  the deformation of the part.


SIGMASOFT® Virtual Molding increases reliability in warping results

There is a huge difference between a conventional simulation with ideal conditions and one with the complete mold and all its components interacting during the injection molding process.


Changes in spaces and intermolecular orientations  result in dimensional instability, even after the part is  expelled. This is why the need arises for a highly accurate and credible tool such as  SIGMASOFT® Virtual Molding, capable of predicting the crystallization behavior of a plastic material, a starting point for making decisions and optimizing processes.


SIGMASOFT® Virtual Molding Solves Ejection Problems in Injection Molding

Ejection-induced contact pressure and part warpage can be predicted


As the demand for parts increases, so does the need for more effective ejection systems in injection molds. While the common strategy is to check the mold during its initial tests, a much cheaper alternative is now available to simulate the ejection process, to predict potential problems and to optimize mold performance.


SIGMASOFT® Virtual Molding: The best ally in resin selection

Predicting the behavior of the material allows you to choose the optimal resin for each application.


With the constant growth in the number of types and grades of resins available, injection molding manufacturers face the challenge of finding the most suitable option for their processes. Many factors affect the decision, depending on the application: price, performance, processing and power consumption are some of them. The solution in 3 words:  SIGMASOFT® Virtual Molding.

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Equipo PM Tec, Dr.-Ing. Alejandro Muñoz, Dr.-Ing Miguel Garzón y Dr.-Ing. Laura Flórez
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