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PM Tec Engineering offers its own KERN IoP data sensing, acquisition, analysis and management systems, as a complement to its critical variable monitoring and robust process control services.

KERN IoP is the result of our vocation for innovation and applied research.


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KERN IoP: Smart Production

KERN IoP has developed specialized products to support the COVID-19 global emergency with tools based on 4.0 Industry.. Massive monitoring of health parameters, personnel counting in public places, safe and reliable large data base management. 
Kern IoP Medical  is based on the global expertise of an interdisciplinary engineering and medical team. 

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Logo Kern IoP Medical

 PM Tec's expertise in the industrial modelling, analysis and control allows the generation of personalized systems for each particular facility. The objective is to contribute positively to the performance indicators in your company such as:

  • Profitability and productivity rates

  • Minimization of energy consumption

  • Increase in your company's internal know-how

PM Tec Engineering: Chosen as one of Colombia's most innovative tech companies 

Heroes Fest 2018

Innpulsa Colombia

Why Kern IoP?

In Kern IoP (Internet of Production) systems for 4.0 Industry, hardware and software are combined to deliver the best wireless solutions for industrial systems monitoring and control. The system ensures data integrity, their safe delivery and storage and the subsequent analysis of the information. 


Compact geometry and low energy consumption under AC or battery-powered configurations

Support for a wide variety of sensors such as preesure, relative humidity, temperature and distance, among others.

Dedicated data analyses from physical models and AI algorithms

Wireless, realiable and encrypted communication over long distances


Main features

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Software and hardware designed and developed in Colombia, where our  great team is prepared to fully support your needs


Kern IoP systems allow the monitoring of critical process factors, not only for the latest generation machinery, but for any type of machinery that industries currently own. The objective is that, regardless of the technology or the control system that the machines have, it is always possible to know what is happening in the process.

Dr.-Ing. Miguel Garzón, Development Director PM Tec Engineering

Industria 4.0


Kern KM100 G

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Kern - Thousands of sensors

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Kern by PM Tec - KM100

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Kern KM100

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Kern KM100-HRLi

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KERN by PMTec - Process Monitoring

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Kern present at Héroes Fest

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Kern Monitor

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LED visualisation systems - VL16x64 Model

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