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PM Tec Engineering is led by highly qualified engineers with a clear vision of knowledge-based industrial development.


We are experts in plastics processing, advanced and precision manufacturing, and process optimization. We characterize ourselves  for addressing problems from a multidisciplinary vision and for the vocation for innovation, which guarantees efficient solutions with high added value.


P.M  Tec Engineering  is an engineering company oriented to the development of production processes, with a deep vocation towards generating high added value to the production chain from quality, precision, reliability and profitability.

P.M  Tec Engineering accompanies its clients and provides them with tools for competitiveness thanks to its multidisciplinary vision of high technical competence.


At PM Tec Engineering we work to:

  • Orient the design of the product and that of the production process towards excellence.

  • Generate efficient solutions at different levels of the production chain.

  • Innovate through applied research.


PM Tec Engineering will be recognized for boosting the competitiveness of its clients, thanks to its ability to generate knowledge, apply it and achieve solutions oriented to tangible results.

PM Tec Engineering will position  its multidisciplinary vision of high technical competence as a differential factor with high added value, together with its vocation for innovation.

We are a Colombian engineering company focused on  
Research development


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Our team

Dr.-Ing. Laura Flórez,  CEO | Tel:  + 57-1-8966145

Director of the division of  plastics processing,  Dr.-Ing. Laura Flórez completed her doctorate in engineering at the plastics processing research institute, IKV, in the  RWTH University of the city of Aachen (Aachen), Germany.


Laura Flórez also directs the communications and education division  of the company, based on its more than 12 years of experience working for the dissemination of technical information in the media  such as Plastics Technology (Latin America), Plastics Technology (United States), Extrusion (Germany), Plastics Engineering Magazine (SPE) (United States) and Packaging  &  Conversion  (Latin America).

Currently  is editor-in-chief of Tecnología del Plástico magazine, a leading technical publication for the plastics industry in Latin America.

Dr.-Ing. Miguel Garzón, CTO | Tel:  + 57-1-8966145

Director of the division of  manufacture process,  Dr.-Ing. Miguel Garzón completed his doctorate in engineering at the institute for machine tools and production engineering, WZL, at RWTH University in the city of Aachen (Aachen), Germany. His area of expertise is the EDM process.


Miguel Garzón worked as a research assistant and service coordinator for the industry at the research center on properties and structure of materials -  CIPEM of the Universidad de los Andes. His industrial experience includes his work for important multinational companies in the industry.  of oil in areas of maintenance, failure analysis and monitoring and acquisition of drilling signals.

He currently directs the industrial magazines of Latin American circulation Metalmecanica Internacional and Reportero Industrial

In the same way, he has been a teacher  undergraduate and graduate degrees of the Department of Mechanical Engineering in the  Universidad de los Andes in the area of advanced and precision manufacturing processes.

Dr. Ing.  Alejandro Munoz 

Director of the process optimization division,  Dr.-Ing. Alejandro Muñoz completed his doctorate in engineering at the  institute of production process technologies, AVT,  of the  RWTH University  from the city of Aachen (Aachen), Germany.  



Alejandro Muñoz is an expert in  robust control of industrial processes and for 10 years he has served as a professor at the  Pontifical University  Bolivariana, where the  OPTIMO research group: Mathematical Process Optimization.

Jose pulido

Project Engineer of the product division. From his knowledge in engineering, design of experiments and process management, he supports the areas of structural analysis, optimization of polymer injection processes, product design and development and analysis of  manufacture process.

Jose is a mechanical engineer from the Universidad de los Andes, with experience in wear analysis on metal parts; production technologies in polymers and metals; manufacturing using laser systems; and monitoring of manufacturing processes.

Ciro Cendales

Project Engineer of the manufacturing processes division. Support in the area of precision manufacturing, casting and monitoring of machinery, modeling and simulation of processes. Cyrus  He is a mechanical and electronic engineer from the Universidad de los Andes.

Luis Miguel Garavito 

Administrative Director.  He is in charge of the entire administrative and accounting area, making budgets, bank reconciliations, accounts payable and receivable, registration and control, payroll, liquidation and  analysis of financial statements. Luis Miguel has a degree in public accounting from the National Polytechnic Experimental University of the Armed Forces. 

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