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A group of highly qualified engineers, mathematicians and physicists run PM Tec Engineering, all with a clear vision of the future of the industrial development of the region based on knowledge and investigation.


On the other side, our expertise relies on the areas of Plastics Processing, Advanced Manufacturing, Process Optimisation and Process Monitoring for the industry 4.0.


Our team and expertise let us board different kind of problems from a multidisciplinary point of view, giving us the opportunity to search for the best, most innovative solutions which add value to our partner organisations.


P.M  Tec Engineering  is an engineering company oriented to the optimization of production processes, with a deep vocation towards generating high added value to the production chain from quality, precision, reliability and profitability.

P.M  Tec Engineering accompanies its clients and provides them with tools for competitiveness thanks to its multidisciplinary vision of high technical competence.


At PM Tec Engineering we work to:

  • Orient the design of the product and that of the production process towards excellence.

  • Generate efficient solutions at different levels of the production chain.

  • Innovate through applied research.


PM Tec Engineering will be recognized for boosting the competitiveness of its clients, thanks to its ability to generate knowledge, apply it and achieve solutions oriented to tangible results.

PM Tec Engineering will position its multidisciplinary vision of high technical competence as a differential factor of high added value, together with its vocation for innovation.

We are a Colombian engineering company focused on the  Research development

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