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"Crises show what we are made of. We are not waiting to buy an imported solution.


We are putting at the service of the country the extraordinary capacity of our team to generate solutions to this situation!


We are innovating and working at full speed to create innovative solutions, understanding the problems and proposing world-class alternatives. Because we have plenty of samples of what Colombian talent does with motivation and confidence. "

            Dr.-Ing. Laura Flórez - CEO - PM Tec Engineering

KERN IoP system for biosafety and access control

completo temperatura.jpg

Automatic access control based on:

  • Identification or ID scan, and

  • IR temperature measurement


Non-contact automatic disinfectant gel dispenser

Entry of additional personal data:

  • Phone number

  • Questions required by Sec. Salud


Gate or gate control

Access to information collected from any device with internet


Identification or ID scan
temperatura verde.jpg
IR temperature measurement
Enter optional data
Non-contact disinfection

Real-time data monitoring and analysis with KERN Monitor

kern monitor.JPG
  • Complete registration process in less than 30 s

  • Detailed view on any device with internet access

  • Secure data storage in the cloud

  • Executive reports with key indicators (number of people registered, body temperature history, report for health and HR ministries)

  • Real-time alarm generation to generate intelligent isolation strategies

  • Access control based on easily programmable rules (peak and schedule, schedules, hierarchies, etc.)

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