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For the vast majority of companies, injection molding remains an experience-based process, where learning takes place by trial and error. The lack of systematic education at the technical and engineering levels generates cost overruns in starting new projects, limits productivity and prevents the company from committing to more complex products, affecting the competitiveness of the plastics industry in the region.


The Center of Excellence in Injection, CEI, was created in order to respond to this situation. Its purpose is to systematically promote and develop the injection molding sector through an applied education program, with a permanent course offer, adjusted to world-class standards.


The CEI continuously works on key issues that increase efficiency at each stage of the value chain. There are three basic training axes, designed to address the topics of product, process and injection mold design. These programs have theoretical and practical sessions.


Additionally, continuing education courses, refresher seminars and tailor-made training programs are offered, dictated specifically in companies.

What to expect from CEI trainings?
  • Integral vision in injection molding: product, process and mold

  • Keys to strengthening decision-making throughout the value chain

  • Versatility, content adapted to multiple profiles and educational backgrounds

  • Discussion of real problems in the real production scenario

  • Flexible hours compatible with working hours

  • Injection molding applied education programs, with three lines of specialization: product design, process and injection molds .

  • Theoretical-practical courses with a vision focused on injection molding, which strengthen decision-making throughout the value chain.

  • Programs adapted to multiple profiles in the injection molding industry, thanks to the different approaches provided.


Capacitaciones en moldeo por inyección

Talks that complement the lines of specialization, on topics related to selection of raw materials, costing of injected products, solution of typical injection problems, quality control, technical standards, finishes, assembly technologies, simulation and failure prevention.


Seminarios técnicos en manufactura e inyección

International injection molding experts meet in one-day sessions to present the latest trends in injection molding manufacturing globally.


Capacitaciones personalizadas PM-TEC
  • Programs designed based on the needs of the company and adjusted to the educational background of the attendees.

  • Discussion of real problems in your company, in the real production scenario.

  • Programs compatible with working hours

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