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Monitoring of production variables


PM Tec Engineering offers the analysis service of  data from the sensors installed in your production plant so you can make informed decisions that increase your productivity. Services for Industry 4.0 today.


Additionally, through its  line of  KERN products, PM Tec Engineering offers the service of  monitoring  of critical variables in  industrial processes .  The experience of the members of PM Tec, with years of work in monitoring and optimization of industrial processes in Germany guarantee  the success of your projects.




Diagnosis of industrial processes

The diagnostic service  process of PM Tec is a pioneer in the country, in terms of the possibility of delivering complete analyzes of the current state of injection processes.

With our help, it is possible to know:

  • Quality of  thermal balancing of production molds

  • Calibration of hot runner systems

  • Detailed quality analysis of plastic parts

  • Injection mold condition evaluation (corrosion, wear)

  • Computational analysis of injection processes using SIGMASOFT

Production optimization

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With PM Tec Engineering you can optimize your processes with the help of real-time measurements of the critical variables of your process with KERN


If your main objective is to optimize the operation of your processes in a robust way, the ideal way to do it is by knowing your system in detail. Entrust the in-depth study of your process to the PM Tec team of experts  Engineering and discover the potential available in your plant to be exploited.

From the hand of PM Tec Engineering you can make informed and strategic decisions to enhance your production, based on analysis  exhaustive carried out by our professionals.  In addition, we present you with a variety of possible enhancements including individual control figures to implement a continuous monitoring system of your production efficiency. For this purpose, we use, among others, the following tools and methods:

  • Six Sigma Management

  • Process Efficiency

  • Single Minute Exchange of Die (SMED)

  • Overall Equipment  Effectivity  (OEE)

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